Micro-Catering By New Tampa Party

Treat Your Employees To A Delicious, Affordable Buffet or Pre-Plated Lunch With Awesome Food Prepared and Delivered By New Tampa Party Micro-Catering!

Nobody likes standing in long lines at Subway or Popeyes for the same ol’ sandwiches or chicken. Treat your employees to a wide range of micro-catering lunch specials and see why New Tampa Party is our area’s ONLY micro-catering solution.

Our staff will arrive prior to your event and set everything up. We provide everything you need to enjoy your catered lunch or dinner. When it’s time to treat your employees to a special meal to honor their hard work and dedication- let New Tampa Party handle the preparation of your event.

Each day we prepare buffet style meal options for local New Tampa businesses and make arrangements to setup our micro-catering lunch buffet and clean up following the completion of your meal.

Our price is simple: $10 per employee with a $100 minimum and at least 48 hours notice is required before your event.

Micro-Catering Menu & Pricing

Monday - BBQ Chicken & Rice w/ garden Salad

Slow-roasted chicken, barbecued to perfection, served with a side of seasoned rice and a fresh garden salad.

Tuesday - BBQ Ribs w/ Baked Beans

Our pork ribs slathered with BBQ sauce and served with a side of baked beans and a dinner roll.

Wednesday - italian Sausage w/ onions and peppers

Enjoy a taste of Italy with our signature Italian Sausage served with peppers and onions on a bun. Includes a cold pasta salad as a side.

thursday - pulled pork sandwich w/ potato salad & Coleslaw

Slow cooked pulled pork that melts in your mouth serves on a bun with sides of potato salad and coleslaw.

friday - Fish Fry (Talapia / Haddock) w/ mac & Cheese & Coleslaw

Hot and crispy talapia or haddock fried to perfection, served with mac & cheese and coleslaw as a side.

Simplified Pricing For Micro-Catering

$10 per person ($100 minimum)

Micro-Catering is a self-serve or pre-plated lunch option that changes the way your office treats it’s employees. Instead of driving to a location, having everyone order individually, waiting to be served, and losing the work hours associated with waiting – we bring everything to your location.

Simplified Pricing For Executive Micro-Catering

12-19 People = $25 Per Person
20 – 40 People = $20 Per Person
Over 40 People = $18 Per Person

Executive Micro-Catering is perfect for small events where you need tables, tablecloths, chairs, and chair covers. We have a great selection of tables to choose from depending on how many people you want seated at each table and the layout of the room.